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i love it when you say you'll pray for me

don't you realise you are prey to me?

Jack Lurhstaap; Knife-Smile
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This is my old journal. I didn't entirely intend to, but I've all but entirely switched over to only using dacnomaniac. If for some bizarre reason you're interested in being exposed to the full extent of my supremely damaged psyche, add me there instead of here. Older friends should do the same. Though, again, I must emphasize that it is bizarre, even by elljay standards. Mostly cursing and violent content, occasional fits of psychosis/opioid withdrawal, et cetera. I still don't understand why anyone likes me. But lo and behold, some do. I've learnt not to question anymore.

Beware, my friends
As you pass by
As you are now, so once was I
As I am now, so you must be
Prepare, my friends
To follow me.